Collegiate church and abbey museum in San Candido
The abbey church in San Candido is the most beautiful Romanesque sacred building in the Eastern alpine region. When the Benedictine monastery, which was founded in the 8 century by the Bavarian Duke Tassilo III, became a collegiate monastery around 12 century, the construction of the church was started. The church was given its current form around 1280. Particularly worth seeing are the majestic Romanesque dome fresco, the special crucifixion group and the deeply symbolic crypt.
The abbey museum is also worth a visit.

San Nicolò church in Prato alla Drava / San Candido
The San Nicolò church in Prato alla Drava / San Candido provides a picturesque backdrop. Unusually, it is not situated in the centre of the village but outside on the top of a hill with beautiful views. A steep path with four shrines leads up the hill to the church that can only be visited for Services.

Chapel and cemetery in Sesto
The “Dance Macabre”, the most important piece of work by Rudolf Stolz, adorns the entrance to the cemetery in Sesto. Further frescoes by this renowned painter are found in San Giuseppe church in Moso.